Five Reasons it May Be Time to Update Your Kitchen


As we all already know, the kitchen is the most frequently used room in a large majority of households. With that in mind, this room needs to not only be beautiful, but also functional and practical for your everyday usage. These three ideas of beauty, practicality and function work together in perfect harmony if your kitchen is built correctly you will use all of these factors to drive your layout, design, and organization plans. It's critical for home owners to know the difference between needing to update minor aesthetics in a functional kitchen and when it's time to move forward with that renovation project you've been dreaming of since you put together your ideaboard.

We've gathered some of the most telling signs that it's time to freshen things up in the kitchen...

Reason #1: Putting Things Away has Become a Puzzle

Remember when you first moved in and everything had its own very special place? After years of collecting additional dishware and all of those new must-have gadgets (I'm looking at you Keurig and KitchenAide...), you might be finding it increasingly more difficult to put things away when the time comes. Using and storing oft-used countertop appliances or grabbing your child's favorite 'sippy' cup shouldn't be a tedious task. If you find repetitive tasks involving putting things away, or taking them out, to be a problem in your kitchen, it may be time to consider a renovation to alleviate the unnecessary stresses of poor kitchen storage.

Reason #2: Your Kitchen Appliances are Older Than You

Technology has come a very long way from where it was even just 20 years ago. By using out of date appliances, not only are you probably wasting extra money on energy bills, but you may also be putting you and your family at risk. New appliances are continuously lowering their energy consumption year after year. Not only that, but they also are finding new and creative features to include that make life in the kitchen easier than ever before. Many also include safety features that just might save you or a family member from injury! Getting new appliances doesn't always mean a full kitchen remodel follows. However, if you're looking around and noticing that these new appliances don't quite mesh with your 70s floral wallpaper or wood paneling, give us a call. We'll make sure the rest of your kitchen gets a modern treatment that matches up with your new appliances.

Reason #3: Your Family Forms a Line to Get in and Out of Your Kitchen

If your kitchen isn't able to accommodate use by more than one person at a time, it's definitely time to take a look at what kind of alterations you can make to the layout and functionality of your space. You should be able to comfortably sip your coffee while your kids prepare their favorite breakfast bowl nearby without tripping over each other. This also means that you need to have space in your kitchen for people to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. If you drop a stack of mail on the counter and you now have less than 10% of your counter space left, it's time we talked about creating a more "user-friendly" layout.

Reason #4: You're Looking to Boost Your Home Value Before Selling

Whether the market is up or down, selling your home can be a daunting task. If you’re finding that "For Sale" sign on your lawn has overstayed its welcome, it may be time to consider an update to your kitchen. A renovation can not only help expedite the sale, it can also net you some extra cash for your efforts. Updating the kitchen to modern styling can help you make that pesky "For Sale" sign say "Sold". If this is what you are currently going through, you may find one of our previous posts helpful in your decision making process.

Reason #5: Your Kitchen Is Falling Apart

This might be the most compelling reason to update. It's only a matter of time before an outdated kitchen begins to deteriorate. This could be the cause of natural wear and tear of every day usage, or it maybe you can blame it on the family dog who just couldn't stop chewing the lower cabinet doors when he was a puppy. Whatever the reason, you can only deal with short-term repairs for so long before it's time to decide enough is enough. If you can't stand screwing new handles into your drawers every other week, or if your cabinets are literally falling off the wall, it's time to start shopping around.

Ultimately, you know your kitchen best. Over the years, we've found the five reasons listed above to among the most popular for someone to end up looking to renovate their kitchen space. If you want some help deciding what is the right move for you and your kitchen, stop by our showroom and talk with one of our Specialists. We accept walk-ins, but you are always welcome to reach out to us to set up a meeting as well!

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