4 DIY Decor Ideas for a Festive 4th of July!


Who says you need to break the bank to celebrate a fun 4th of July? Making your own decorations is a quick and easy way to share your festivity with guests for only a fraction of what store bought decorations would cost. Besides the savings, it's perfect for entertaining young family members, with parent supervision of course. If crafting some homemade decorations sounds like a fun way to celebrate your 4th of July then check out these 4 Independence Day decoration ideas.


fourth of july exterior design

1. Balloon USA Flag

This is a fun way to celebrate your patriotism and an easy party decoration to create. Get a bunch of red, white and blue balloons, and enlist your family for balloon blow up duty. Once you have enough for your flag, use a bit of tape to keep them in place on any open wall. Remember to use tape that won't damage your paint or cabinet finish! If you're having trouble with your flag, check out this tutorial.





accessory for 4th of july

2. Firework Rings 

These are fun and easy to make and can be used as party favors too. All you need is some red, white and blue pipe cleaners. Twist the colors of your choosing around a finger to create a snug, but not too tight, ring. Once they are twisted and secured in place, wrap each individual color around your finger to create a dazzling display of fireworks. Use more or less colors as you see fit to create your own particular show of finger fireworks.

Need a little help? Check this out for an easy guide to making the best firework ring!


lawn decorations for the 4th of july

3. Painted Lawn Stars

Even your lawn can be a part of the party! Spray paint big, bold stars of red, white and blue all over. The more the merrier! Make sure to watch if small children are attempting it, or you could end up with pretty stars all over your home, furniture and even the dog!

All you need is a homemade star outline and eco friendly water-based construction marking spray! Anything other than a water-based spray may damage your lawn.


games for the 4th of july

4. Confetti Launchers

Fun for kids and adults alike, DIY confetti launchers are easy to make and are exciting to use. What will you need? Construction paper, tape, balloons and some toilet paper tubes. Pro tip: decorate the tube beforehand with paint or coloring tools for maximum festivity.

It may look difficult to complete, but we promise it isn't! Start crafting it by cutting a balloon in half, and then fit the tied bottom half around one end of the toilet paper tube and secure it firmly in place with tape. Finally, cut up the construction paper into tiny squares and load them into the tube. Keep your hand where the tube and balloon connect, pull pack on the balloon and let it rip! Confetti everywhere!

If you think you missed a step, use the tutorial we used to create our own confetti launchers!




These decor ideas are perfect for a 4th of July party. Whether you plan on being outside grilling, inside relaxing or somewhere else, try out some of these decor ideas and let us know which ones you had the most fun making!

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