5 Tips for Maximizing Small Kitchens

Small Marble Kitchen

Who wouldn't love a kitchen with a large island and tons of storage for all their dishes & gadgets? But let's be real, not every home has the space for that. A small kitchen that is designed well can be as beautiful and functional as any large kitchen. That's why we love these 5 simple tried and true ways to make your small kitchen feel spacious.


All White Kitchen

1. Stick to White

The most obvious way to open up a space is to stick with a white theme or tastefully add in white elements. White walls, cabinets, countertops, and ceilings are great for reflecting light and brightening up a tight space. White kitchens typically feel airy, clean, and leave extra room for creative freedom if you want to add in some accent colors or play around with textures. When it comes to choosing cabinets for an all-white kitchen, consider paneled cabinets paired with contrasting knobs and handles to help create depth and intrigue in order to prevent the kitchen from looking too basic or sterile.

Small Kitchen Remodel

2. Small but Tall

Another tip when it comes to choosing your cabinetry is to opt for taller and slimmer modular cabinets to create the illusion of higher ceilings. Taller cabinets mean more storage, allowing you to maximize the space available in your kitchen. A plus is that they can be easily moved or rearranged according to your preference. To add some dimension, choose doors with glass-fronts for a stylish touch that makes your cabinets appear deeper.

3. Smart Design Beats Square Footage

Make the most of your small kitchen by finding unique ways to optimize your storage. You can get creative with cabinet and pantry solutions by installing pull-out organizers, drawer inserts, dividers, and additional racks. A simple reorganization and revamp can go a long way to repurpose spaces that weren’t previously maximizing capacity.

If cabinet space isn’t an issue but your countertops are, convert one of your drawers to a pull-out butcher block. This additional surface makes for a convenient prep station when you're cooking, but can be easily tucked away when not in use.


4. Spacious Stainless

If you’re in the market for new appliances, stick to stainless steel. Not only do they look nice, but they also make a kitchen feel larger due to their reflective nature and sheen. Stainless steel is a great standard option that suits almost any kitchen type and is sure to look clean and polished regardless of the surrounding elements.

Kingsridge Coffee Bar

5. Specialized Spaces

Finally, our last tip if your space allows is to create a recessed shelving unit. With open shelving and trim to match the rest of your kitchen, a recessed shelf can add extra storage without taking up any extra floor space. This option can be a fun way to add some extra character to your kitchen or surrounding areas. Recessed shelving and storage can be a great place to create a coffee bar or display your favorite cookbooks and kitchen Knick knacks.

Whether you choose to work with the space you already have by reorganizing your cabinets or if you’re looking to do a bit of remodeling, take these tips with you when you feel like your kitchen is too cramped. Most importantly, don’t forget to declutter.

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