5 Ways to Reinvest in Your Home!


Tax day has come and gone again, and in its wake comes the promise of some extra cash from tax returns. It's exciting to have that extra cash on the way, but what do you spend it on? Do you make a smart investment and save it away for the future or buy something for your family to enjoy now? Well, how about both! Reinvest your tax return into your home for returns that you can see now and that will improve your home's future value!

But where will you get the most bang for your buck? Let us help you! We've made a list the 5 best ways to reinvest in your home!


build a patio set at home

1. Build a Patio!

Think about your future, like where you'll be hanging out this summer. A patio is a huge plus for your real estate property, and the perfect place for barbecues, friendly get-togethers or reading a book while relaxing in the sun!

When building a topnotch patio, remember to account for costs for the material you'll be using to build it like stone, brick, tile or wood. After that, pick the furniture you can see yourself lounging in.


invest in your bathroom with new cabinets

2. Remodel the bathroom!

Face it, when it comes to your personal bathroom you've been neglecting it for remodels in the more visible areas of your home. Give your bathroom, and yourself, some love by giving it the remodel you've always wanted. Today's bathrooms can be outfitted and designed to make your master bathroom into something closer to a master spa, so bring it into the 21st century for you and your home's sake.

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the biggest home investments on this list for a reason. Updating an old bathroom can add thousands to your home's overall value, and with the right help it won't be the nightmare you might expect it to be!


den with leather and bookshelves

3. Create the perfect den!

Create a personal hideaway in the home for you and your family to use. A den is great home addition because it acts as a designated quiet place in the house, and whatever you do with that silence is up to you! Dens can be a great place to get work done, focus on a hobby or catch a quick nap.

Aside from the personal benefits, it adds another layer of interest to your home and attracts a wider pool of potential buyers.


grey scale kitchen with wooden grey cabinets

4. Build a home bar!

Why go to a party when you can bring one to your home? A home bar is perfect for giving your home some more wow factor as well as a perfect place to share a drink with friends and family. Creating a home bar is relatively easy compared to these other ideas. You can go as simple as a tiny bar tucked into the corner or as extravagant as a fully stocked bar that defines the room!

A home bar is typically installed into an existing space, so the biggest cost will be for the bar itself and after that it's yours to stock how you see fit.


kitchen renovation

5. Renovate your kitchen!

Renovating your kitchen is guaranteed to increase the value of your home and your love of it. In terms of additional value, we recommend this option the most especially if your kitchen is starting to show its age. An outdated can scare away potential buyers and decrease its value significantly.

Renovating a kitchen isn't as scary as one might think. Anyone's kitchen can go from outdated to outstanding with the right help! If you think your kitchen is starting to show its age and you're ready to make that change, give us a call at 586.247.1140 so we can help you start planning your dream kitchen today!


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