Has your house been sitting on the market for too long?


A LaFata renovation might be the key!

Whether the market is up or down, selling your home can be a daunting task. If you’re finding that "For Sale" sign on your lawn has overstayed its welcome, it may be time to consider a renovation project. A renovation can not only help expedite the sale, but it can also net you some extra cash for your efforts. You may be wondering which room you should start updating. The most used room in anyone’s house is a good place to start, the kitchen! Updating the kitchen to modern styling can help you make that pesky "For Sale" sign say "Sold". We've gathered some tips to help you get the ball rolling!

  • Talk to your Real Estate Agent. Before tearing the walls down, make sure you do your due diligence to make sure this is the right move for you in your market. Your real estate agent should be able to give you some specifics on how much your home value can rise from taking on a renovation process. 
  • Keep it Simple. Don’t go into this project without setting a budget. Make a realistic plan for your renovation so you aren't caught shelling out cash for additions because you feel you have too. Something as simple as getting new cabinets and countertops can go a long way if done properly. 
  • Check Market Trends. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money on renovations only to find out you're still five years behind on what’s "in". Doing this can actually come back and hurt your chances of selling. Do some reconnaissance, check out recently sold local listings, and connect the dots to find similarities between what they have to offer. Attention to detail is important, you never know how big of an impact minor details (such as colors) can have! Which brings us to our next point... 
  • Stay Neutral. While your taste might be bold and unique colors, you can’t guarantee your potential buyers will share that taste. Color may seem like such a small thing, but it affects people in deep psychological ways. By "playing it safe" with neutral colors, you nearly eliminate the odds of negatively impacting someone’s tour of your home. Keeping it simple allows others with a taste like yours to view the walls as a canvas to mold to their liking later on.

We’d love to help transform your kitchen with you to get more buyers interested in your home! With custom hand-made LaFata Cabinets in your home, it will become one of the most talked about rooms in your home and hopefully get more offers on your table! To set up an appointment or talk to a sales rep, reach out to us!

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