Start a Winning Tradition with these Big Game tips!

Whether you're throwing a Super Bowl party for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, it never hurts to step back and make sure you’re making preparations so you can enjoy the party as much as your guests! Check out these foolproof tips designed to help you pull off a successful and stress-free Game Day party.

  • Technical Maintenance. It can truly be a disaster if game time rolls around and you start experiencing technical difficulties that could’ve been avoided with a little advanced planning. If you’re moving your TV somewhere other than it’s usual spot, do it early and test it. Once everything is in working order be sure to secure wires in place. No one wants the power cut off at an intense moment because of a loose wire.
  • Seating Arrangements. If your default seating arrangement isn’t ideal moving furniture can be a bit of work, but the pay off is well worth it! The last thing you want to hear are complaints from your guests or have to give your own play-by-play because they can’t see the television.
  • Keeping Guests Full and Hydrated. The amount of effort and money you want to put into food and beverages can vary. Crock Pot and No-cook foods are excellent choices as the quality doesn’t deteriorate from sitting out and you won't have to keep putting things away and taking them out as the game goes on. When it comes to beverages, ALWAYS make sure you have enough to last and don't forget the ice! Buy more than you think you’ll need; you’ll have a hard time finding a volunteer to leave in the middle of the game.
  • Get festive! Decorate! You’d be surprised how much of a boost a few simple decorations can have on your party’s atmosphere. Besides the basic football themed plates, cups, and napkins; this is a great opportunity to get creative. Let your guests get involved too! Have a dry erase play-making board set up or black eye paint so every can get decked out like their favorite players.
  • Have Procedures Lined Up. Preparing for some small hiccups can go a long way. Having items prepared for spills and accidents can derail any loss of momentum and keep the party running swimmingly.

Making sure you put the work in up front allows you to sit back with your guests and truly enjoy the experience you’ve laid out for them. If you find that something’s missing, you may be interested in adding a LaFata bar to your home for future gatherings. We’d love to hear from you and help make your place the number one spot for sporting events in the future!

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