Creative solutions for better kitchen storage!


It's a problem that has plagued many kitchens—lack of storage. There seems to never be enough to satisfy the utensils, appliances and pans needed to maintain a fully functional and organized kitchen. Luckily, there are a number of creative solutions for reducing the clutter of overflowing cabinets, keeping your kitchen at maximum efficiency and cleanliness.


A Kitchen For Your Kitchen

kitchen with supplies

A popular solution to a kitchen stuffed with supplies is the butler's pantry—an adjacent room dedicated to kitchen storage and occasionally food prep. It is designed to be hidden from guests, and is perfect for keeping your less-common appliances, dishes, and more away until needed. This opens up your kitchen for the most important utensils and appliances, while relegating the lesser used items to the butler's pantry.

Storage isn't the only purpose for a butler's pantry though. With enough counter space, you can turn it into your primary food prep station. It'll keep the mess of those early stages of slicing and mixing out of the kitchen.


Reduce The Clutter (& Your Stress)

modern kitchen with no clutter

Many popular modern lifestyles are based around cutting down on the unnecessary (Marie Kondo, anyone?). While you don't need to take it as far as having a bare kitchen, having a minimalist mindset can help you get down to the essentials. We recommend starting slowly. Try removing the items that don't get much use and see how it affects your daily life. You might be surprised how much you actually need!


Smarter Storage

kitchen with smart cabinet storage

When you’re working with a smaller space, you may not have the option to build additional cabinetry. That’s ok, you can build smarter ones! There are accessories that can be added to cabinets that allow you to organize and maintain that clean kitchen without constant reorganizing and stacking.

By optimizing the storage in your cabinets, you are utilizing every inch of space available rather than just the bottom layer. We have even created our own line of custom cabinet accessories perfect for saving space in both small and large cabinets throughout the house. It can be surprising how much space you're not using in your cabinets.


An Island Paradise

kitchen island

Kitchen islands can add quite a few perks to your space. If you're thinking about putting some more money into your kitchen, this is a great option for you. It not only adds value to your kitchen, but it also gives you more storage space, freeing up your counter tops.

Kitchen islands can also be a major element in a kitchen's overall design. Adding a few open shelves to your island can be a fun place to display your go-to cookbooks or family photos, while keeping some drawers available still for extra storage.


Check out more of our space-saving cabinet innovations and accessories. If you have questions about your kitchen, give us a call at 586.247.1140.

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