The Five R's For Reinventing Your Kitchen!


It's a new year, and the perfect time to make some changes to the kitchen. Does that mean you need to go kicking down walls to feel like you're in a new kitchen? Of course not! Some people want to make big changes, others only need small tweaks to create or improve their ideal kitchen. That's where we come in, we've got a perfectly sized solution for however you want to change your kitchen up for 2020.

Whether you want to start knocking down walls or simply explore a new color palette for the kitchen, we can help! Take a look at out our 5 R's for reinventing your kitchen.


reorganize your kitchen to make it feel brand new


Take a fresh look at your kitchen. Is the countertop cluttered with small appliances, are the drawers stuffed with mangled utensils, or do half of your food containers have a lid missing? If this sounds like your kitchen, it's time to reorganize.

Reorganizing a cramped kitchen can make it feel brand new! By spending a few hours taking stock of what you need and getting rid of what you don't, you'll be surprised at how much space you can find in your kitchen when you aren't forcing items out of view. While emptying out your kitchen, this is also a great opportunity to get a head start on spring cleaning. It might not physically add space, but a refreshed and clean kitchen can do wonders for your home.


redecorate your kitchen with comfy textures and earth tones


Sometimes simply removing items isn't enough. If you clean out your kitchen and find it looks relatively the same, redecorating might be your best option!

Redecorating can be a challenge in unique ways. You might be attached to a certain layout on the table, a particular color in all your linens, or even a pattern that runs through your dining set. It can be tough to let go and try something else, but you might be happier with the new result.

It helps if you start with a goal in mind. If you want a more modern, sleek, minimalist kitchen, that's easy! Put your least favorite decorations away, try to keep to solid colors, and no patterns. Think your kitchen is a little cold and could use some rustic warmth? Work comfy textures and earth tones into your kitchen; you'll be surprised at how different it feels with just a few extra pieces of fabric and a small, but consistent color shift.


redesign your kitchen with one or two ideas like a pattern, color scheme, or an overall style


Your kitchen looks...fine. The counters are still in style, the cabinets are holding strong, but there's just something off that you can't place your finger on. Maybe the wall color is starting to feel dated or the wood accents are coming off as old rather than rustic. Or perhaps a new appliance is standing out from the rest of the kitchen, and you can't help but notice the difference in look or style. Maybe it's that you've unknowingly mixed multiple styles together over the years, and you don't like the final form. Don't fret! Your kitchen is still in good shape, and a fix is possible with a redesign versus completely deconstructing your kitchen.

The most common error in a misaligned kitchen design is lack of focus. Some people want the stainless steel microwave, bright springtime colors, retro patterns and a country style decor. It just doesn't work. Try focusing on one or two ideas like a pattern, a color scheme, or an overall style. From there, you can start to fill in the rest with what makes sense and avoid what doesn't.


renovating your kitchen can totally revamp your kitchen into a better version


Cabinets falling apart, countertops starting to chip, or appliances breaking down? If your kitchen is starting to show its age, it might be time to renovate.

Renovating allows you to completely revamp your kitchen into a new style or a better version of the same one. It's a great chance to address any major issues in your kitchen, while still being cost effective on your returns.

Replacing the aging parts of your kitchen to improve its look may seem daunting. However, with the right team it can be a painless process that results in a stunning kitchen! If you're thinking about upgrading your kitchen to one you deserve, don't be afraid to get a little help from professionals.


remodel your outdated kitchen


You want a beautiful kitchen, but sometimes your current one's layout can't support modern amenities or styles. This is especially true in older homes. They're built well, but as tastes and styles change they can be left behind in both function and design. This is where a remodel is the only solution for reinventing your outdated kitchen.

A full remodel is your time to really dig deep into what you want for your kitchen. Are you expecting additions to the family, settling into the quiet of an empty nest, or maybe just want something visually different for your home? These are the things you need to consider before knocking out walls, replacing tables with islands or opening up your kitchen to the rest of the house.


It's important to remember that there are a lot of ways to make your kitchen seem brand new, and some of these options might not fit your kitchen. If you need help or want to find inspiration for your kitchen's next look, give us a call at 586.247.1140 or come visit us in the LaFata Showroom.

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