Top Three Home Bar Styles of 2016!


Everybody loves a nice night in with friends and family, but some homes just aren’t equipped to keep all of your guests entertained. Be the talk of the town by installing an at-home bar! An at-home bar is a great way to have a fun evening in, and with so many different bar styles to choose from you're able to create the exact atmosphere that fits your lifestyle. We’ve narrowed down the top three bar styles of 2016, guaranteed to impress all visitors and give you a new go-to hang out spot in the house.


Style #1: Casual

home bar

Casual home bars are built for entertainment, with television and speakers often built into the cabinets and are fully stocked with essential supplies needed to keep the party going! Bright decor and smooth, unadorned bar designs let you focus on grabbing a drink, watching the game and catching up with friends all from the comfort of your home.


Style #2: Classical

classic wood finish bar

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys the finer things in life, even at home! If so, try adding a classical bar to your home. Crafted from only the richest of woods and engraved with intricate designs and patterns to catch the eye, classical bars are made to impress. Perfect for inviting your friends over for classy wine tastings, dressed-up dinner parties or high-stakes poker games.


Style #3: Homestyle

modern round bar

Looking for a more relaxed bar atmosphere? Then a homestyle bar is right up your alley! Homestyle bars use comfortable furniture in junction with fun personalized decor. This bar is perfect for wine nights, small get-togethers or even just for the occasional nightcap.


Something catch your eye? If you see something you’d love to have in your home, post it to your LaFata Ideaboard! We’ll be able to see and get in direct contact with you to make it happen!

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