A bathroom remodel project can be a fun, detailed project. There are many different decisions to make such as cabinetry, countertops, tiles, flooring, etc. Here at LaFata, we have laid out for you the current bathroom trends to keep you in the loop and give you ideas to create your dream bathroom.


When beginning your kitchen remodel it is helpful to take a look at the current kitchen trends. Whether it is the colors and styles of the custom cabinets, the countertops and flooring, there are plenty of trends to follow. LaFata Cabinets gives a summarized list of the current kitchen trends to keep you right in the loop for your kitchen remodel.

Steps to Renovating your Kitchen with LaFata Cabinets

The goal at LaFata Cabinets is to create your dream kitchen in just a few easy steps. From custom cabinets, to countertops, to flooring, LaFata is able to do as little or as much as you need. Begin your process, and watch your dream kitchen come to life by following these three easy steps!

3 Beverage Center Ideas with LaFata Cabinets

For your next kitchen remodel, a beverage center is something to definitely keep into consideration. At LaFata Cabinets, we are able to make any type of beverage center become a focal point of your home. Whether you want a beverage center for more of a coffee bar, a wine bar, or a more elaborate full bar, the options are endless.

3 Ways to Make your Kitchen Holiday Party Ready

You might not believe it, but the holidays are fast approaching. You may be looking at your kitchen and wondering what you could change to make it more practical for your upcoming parties. Hosting a party is a job on its own, but having a functional kitchen layout can make it easier. LaFata Cabinets has plenty of kitchen ideas to get you party ready!

Get Your Thanksgiving Gameface On!

The ever busy (and equally exciting) holiday season is upon us, beginning with the great Thanksgiving feast. With that in mind, we have five tips to help make the day a little easier for you to manage!

Kitchen Organization with LaFata

A beautiful kitchen design is not enough to make you love your dream kitchen. Organization is of just as much importance. At LaFata, there are unlimited organizational options for any kitchen renovation. Base cabinets, drawer pull outs, lazy susans, you name it. We can make any kitchen cabinet have a functional purpose that suits your own personal needs and wants.

Kitchen Island Trends

When designing your kitchen, the island is one of the main focal points. There are so many styles of kitchen islands to choose from. Here at Lafata Cabinets we've narrowed down some of our favorite trends for islands in kitchens!