Get Your Thanksgiving Gameface On!

Take the stress out of thanksgiving day with a little bit of advanced preparation!

As quickly as it had arrived, October and the spooky Halloween festivities that accompany it have vanished. This means the ever busy (and equally exciting) holiday season is upon us, beginning with the great Thanksgiving feast. With that in mind, we have five tips to help make the day a little easier for you to manage!

  • Set the dining area the night before. Setting the table the night before (or earlier if you can swing it) gives you one less thing to do on the day of Thanksgiving. Especially if you juggle quite a bit in the kitchen and want the table set before your guests arrive. Just do it the night before, and you’ll instantly be in a better mood when waking up to start the day knowing that the setup has been taken care of.
  • Slice & Dice. A day or two before the big day, take some time to slice, dice, chop, or cut veggies and other miscellaneous items on your recipe list. Taking care of the knife work beforehand will cut off a huge amount of food preparation time on the big day! Place everything into ziplock freezer bags and keep them in the fridge until you need them. No more washing the same knife an embarrassing amount of times, and more time to focus on getting everything just right for the big meal.
  • Organize Fridge. The week of Thanksgiving is a great time to clear any unnecessary items out of your fridge that have gathered. If you can’t toss anything, at least make sure to have ample space for any dishes or desserts that may need to be stored in the fridge. Don’t forget about a place for leftovers too!
  • Step up your Tupperware. Game Have some cheap, disposable tupperware prepared for guests to take a doggy bag home with them. This will save you from eating nothing but leftovers for a week before having to toss the remains to the trash.
  • Plan in advance. Having a game plan for attacking this feast puts you at a huge advantage. Even when the hiccups in the day, that are sure to arrive, you’ll at least be able to calmly shuffle things around, rather than fumbling around in panic mode trying to figure out what’s left. Organize your dishes into a checklist and keep ticking the boxes as you make your way down.

Most importantly, relax! Preparing a feast as lavish as Thanksgiving takes plenty of work and is bound to bring along some stress, just try and keep calm even in the face of disaster. You’re family is with you and that’s the most important part about the holidays after all, so if you burn the green bean casserole, just laugh it off, there’s plenty of other dishes to pass!

The New Is Here!

With a whole new look and brand new features for you to enjoy!

We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of our newly renovated website,! We took everything apart and reconstructed it from the ground up. We went implemented some brighter tones and made sure the information you need got the space it deserved. Our website has never allowed for as much intuitive navigation as it does now. This is more than a mere facelift though, we’ve also added in one new feature especially that we can’t wait for you to try out.

This is more than a simple facelift to the existing design. We focused the website design around one factor - YOU! We’ve completely reimagined how to use the website with the introduction of the ideaboard feature.

Our Ideaboard is an organized process designed to help you put your style preferences "to paper". Each step in the LaFata Ideaboard process will allow you to identify, mix, and match the styles, materials, and finishes that best resonate with you. If you find other ideas elsewhere on the internet, link to them as a note on your Ideaboard. You will then be able to submit your Ideaboard and someone on our team will reach out to you to help visualize your ideas and turn them into reality!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your ideaboard! Click here to get started!