Four Tips for Designing a Great Bathroom!

You've finally decided to upgrade your outdated bathroom. If you're suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the number decision you have to make, don't worry. It's completely normal to feel helpless and not know where to start. Luckily, we've got some tips that'll help guide you down the path to the bathroom you've always wanted! 



bathroom necessities

1. Find your necessities.

A lot of people might feel lost on this first step. Separating need from want is difficult under normal conditions, but investing in something you'll use for the next decade or so can leave you stuck in an endless loop of indecision.

The easiest place to start is thinking about why you are renovating your bathroom and what your space will allow. Was it because you want your large master bath to be a place for some ultimate relaxation (think jacuzzi, shelves for candles, soft-close cabinets or even a tv)? Maybe it’s a small guest bath where you'd love a large vanity, but you really only have the space to upgrade to a contemporary pedestal sink. Point being, it’s important to think about why you chose to renovate and what you have space for before you start ordering that deep-soaking tub or ripping out the old tile.



 beautiful Lafata bathroom cabinets

2. Choose an overall aesthetic.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the beautiful bathrooms you find on Pinterest and Houzz. Before you know it, you’ve designed your new bath to have all the bells, whistles, and then some, leaving you and your guests feeling inundated with over-the-top extravagance each time they go in. 

In the example above, you’ll see the homeowner let their luxurious tub and fireplace be the focus. By adding complementary elements such as a neutral color scheme throughout, simple sconces, and rich LaFata cabinets, they were able to create a relaxing space most people would have a hard time leaving.



 bathroom cabinet color scheme

3. Decide on a color scheme.

Some elements can be chosen as you go like decorations and accessories, but a general color palette should be thought about early on. It’s important to consider how it will look in comparison to the other rooms in your house. Do you want it to complement the rest of the house for a cohesive flow or stand alone as its own, exciting space. Both directions can create some truly enchanting bathrooms.

If you're having trouble deciding, think about the overall aesthetic we just talked about and try choosing between a few of these options. Warm or cool? Light or dark? Soft hues or bright splashes of colors? Slowly you'll be able to narrow it down to a few options which will help immensely when it comes time to paint.  



bathroom cabinets

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Don't put all the pressure of creating the perfect bathroom on yourself. We have professional interior designers here ready to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. A visit to our showroom can leave you inspired with all kinds of ideas for your bathroom, and a team of experienced builders to bring it to life.


Give us a call today at 586.247.1140 and visit us to talk about your dream renovation. Better yet, show us what you've been thinking about on your LaFata Ideaboard! You can add designs that inspire you and we'll get in touch to bring them to life in your home.

3 Reasons to Start Planning A Renovation Now

Why should you start planning your renovation now? Planning ahead for all of the details, decisions, and resources needed for a smooth, well done renovation requires time. The more time you give yourself to iron out the planning stage's issues, the less stress there will be during the actual renovation! The only thing better than a great renovation is a painless one. Read our top 3 reasons to start planning a renovation below!


conroy kitchen

1. Your Finances Are On Your Mind

It's the start of a new year. Your resolutions are still on your mind, you're about to get a nice tax refund, and your home is starting to show its age. Don't put it off anymore and let another year crawl by. It's finally time for a renovation! 

You have a nice refund check coming in the mail soon and you still have your finances on your mind. Ask yourself if a renovation is smart financially, and if so how much do you need to go about it. What are the costs? What are the benefits? What can you afford? Most importantly, what will this give back to you? A new renovation can pump new life and value into a declining home. The return on value outweighs the cost whether it's for a simple, small renovation or a whole new kitchen. The more you put into your home, the more it earns back for you.


coleman bathroom

2. You Can Pick The Perfect Time

Deciding when you'll start a renovation is almost as important as what you're renovating. You've probably got a calendar full of children's sporting events, grandchildren's visits, friendly get togethers, work trips, holidays and so much more. Plan early enough and you'll easily find the perfect time for your renovation without interfering with any other plans. After all, the last thing you want is a half finished kitchen during a big family gathering.


silva kitchen

3. You Have Time To Find What You Like And What You Don't

After deciding on the budget and time, there's only one thing left to decide on. What do you want? Take your time to really sit down and find what inspires you, what you want to see in your home after the renovation, and what you like about it now. By starting early you give yourself plenty of time to decide and settle on your perfect renovation. A renovation can change 10 times if you rush through choosing the styles, decor, furniture, colors and more. This will cost you money, time and a fair deal of stress.

While you're searching for that perfect design, remember to keep an open mind. You have the time to adjust your design plans, so if they change multiple times you'll have plenty of time to adapt!

Not sure where to start? Let us help! Create your own LaFata Ideaboard with your favorite renovation inspirations, designs, colors, features or whatever! We can see that and get in touch to help you design your perfect renovation.