3 Reasons to Start Planning A Renovation Now

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Why should you start planning your renovation now? Planning ahead for all of the details, decisions, and resources needed for a smooth, well done renovation requires time. The more time you give yourself to iron out the planning stage's issues, the less stress there will be during the actual renovation! The only thing better than a great renovation is a painless one. Read our top 3 reasons to start planning a renovation below!

Ways To Control Cost When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Remodeling your kitchen can get a little pricey. The average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $23,000 or $150 per square foot. Smaller projects can go between $10,000 and $15,000 and that may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash. The industry says to spend 5% to 15% of the home's value on a kitchen remodel to avoid negatively affecting the resale price of the home.

Our 4 Favorite Kitchen Trends For 2019

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2018 was a great year for kitchen design. We saw new styles, new colors, and new kitchen features become the go-to in kitchen trends. But that was last year, and with every year new designs become the hottest option on the market. We've put together a list of our favorite kitchen trends for 2019. Check them out!

3 Reasons to Host a Big Family Feast!

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Is there really a reason not to? Hosting a big family feast, especially around the holidays, is a chance to reconnect with family, spruce up the house, and even show it off a little.

4 DIY Decor Ideas for a Festive 4th of July!

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Who says you need to break the bank to celebrate a fun 4th of July? Making your own decorations is a quick and easy way to share your festivity with guests for only a fraction of what store bought decorations would cost. Besides the savings, it's perfect for entertaining young family members, with parent supervision of course. If crafting some homemade decorations sounds like a fun way to celebrate your 4th of July then check out these 4 Independence Day decoration ideas.

3 Reasons Why Summer Is A Great Time For Home Renovations!

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Most home renovations will be stressful, but a lot of factors go in to how difficult the renovation will be on your home and your family. Among these factors, the timing of your renovation has a big impact on how smoothly it gets done. If you’re thinking about doing any kind of home renovations, like a new kitchen or bathroom, then summer is a great time! Summer is the best time of year for escaping the mess, stress and complications of a home renovation.

We understand that summer can be a busy time for your home with parties to throw, people to entertain and chores to check off. This leaves you with the question: should you really renovate your house in the summer?  Here are three big reasons why summer is one of the best times to start a home renovation.

5 Ways to Reinvest in Your Home!

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Tax day has come and gone again, and in its wake comes the promise of some extra cash from tax returns. It's exciting to have that extra cash on the way, but what do you spend it on? Do you make a smart investment and save it away for the future or buy something for your family to enjoy now? Well, how about both! Reinvest your tax return into your home for returns that you can see now and that will improve your home's future value!

But where will you get the most bang for your buck? Let us help you! We've made a list the 5 best ways to reinvest in your home!

How to Remodel Your Old Home's Kitchen!

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Everyone loves the idea having a brand new kitchen, but how do you build a modern kitchen when your home's age is a limiting factor? Older homes tend to have outdated structures, designs, and harder-to-remove appliances which can stop most renovation attempts. That's why a lot of homeowners are hesitant to start a kitchen remodel in an older home.

A kitchen remodel is an incredible opportunity to change your home for the better, but can you build a modern kitchen from an outdated frame? With the right help we know you can! There are a couple things you can do to make the kitchen transition from past to present easier.