4 Cozy Kitchens That'll Keep You Warm All Winter!

In these dreary winter months, it can be tough to enjoy being inside without feeling forced in by the cold. That's why we put together a list of four cozy kitchens we could easily spend the whole winter in!

These kitchens are not only beautiful to look at, but also have tones and designs built to make you feel warm and safe regardless of the weather outside.


cozy kitchen designcozy kitchen design

1. Nothing says cozy quite like a log cabin.

Now this isn't a real log cabin, but this beautiful home has the same atmosphere and style as one. Log cabin kitchens, and rustic kitchens in general, have a natural warmth and sturdy feeling to them.

The old world charm isn't the only highlight about this kitchen. The countertops, tiled floor, light and dark cabinets, and subtle backsplash highlight its unique decor. That's not easy to do, as too many elements could make it messy and disheveled while too few would make it plain and a little boring. This home did it right, and struck a perfect blend between modern style and rustic origins.


log kitchen design

2. Bundled up in total comfort.

We love kitchens that are for more than cooking. This was clearly built to be a hub within the home, and we're more than a little jealous of the owners!

Our favorite part of this kitchen is the island. Everything from the open shelving to the plush chairs surrounding it is a combination of casual and lavish comfort. Imagine sitting here enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the morning, reading a good book, or having a friendly game night with the family. Overall, this kitchen is warm, stylish, and beautiful to look at.


kitchen design with island

3. Exposed brick, always a crowd pleaser.

Dark wood, warm colors, exposed brick and custom rustic decor and furniture? This kitchen checks all of the boxes for making us feel nice and toasty on a cold winter's day.

If you look closely, you can see that the kitchen actually connects down to a lower level living room. Whether you're cooking, relaxing or something else in the kitchen, you'll never be too far away from the rest of the family. We love it!


rustic kitchen design

4. A friendly corner to relax in.

This is just a well built and designed kitchen. Clean white walls and perimeter cabinets are delightful and perfectly complement the hardwood floors and dark island cabinets. It's bright, very spacious, and an overall welcoming kitchen.



Which one was your favorite? You can show us by posting it to your LaFata Ideaboard! Start building yours today so we can see all of the designs, features and colors that you need in your dream kitchen!

3 Storage Innovations Every Modern Kitchen Needs.

What makes modern kitchens so much better than ones of the past? At a glance, it’s clear that new and innovative design elements play a large part. However, modern kitchens have also made significant developments in storage functionality and kitchen efficiency that make them better to live in, not just look at.

We took the time to look through our favorite kitchens both in function and look, and we have found our 3 must-have kitchen storage accessories for the modern kitchen.


1. Cabinet Organizers

cabinet organizers

They sound pretty simple, and they are! Cabinet organizers are built into your cabinets to help store and organize your pots, pans, cooking utensils, spices and so much more. Organizers can be as simple as shelves strategically designed with wire edge guards, or as meticulous as stainless steel panels with hooks for specific items.

Ultimately, it depends on what you require and what your professionals have available.


2. Pullout Shelving

pullout shelving

This cabinet accessory is just what it sounds like. Cabinets can be built with tracks that allow fully mobile shelving to be added. This type of shelving lets you access items easily that you would otherwise have to reach over or push through to find. No more ducking under the sink to grab an extra trash bag, or reaching over all of the other spices for the pepper in the back of the pantry!

pullout shelving

Pullout shelving works best when it is combined with organizers. The two together keep kitchens organized and efficient with almost zero extra effort. When you have an organizer with pullout shelving, you’re able to make much better use of your space. Awkward stacks of pots and pans can hang neatly from a thin panel, pantry items can swivel out for your choosing, and knives and other cooking utensils sit neatly out of sight and waiting to be used. This is the kind of modern amenity that should be in all kitchens!


3. Two Tier Drawers

two tier drawers

Would you be surprised if we told you most drawers waste at least half of the space they take up? It's true! Past drawers weren't made to effectively use all of the drawer, forcing you to buy silverware trays and other band-aids that don't solve the real storage issue. That’s why we've made cabinet drawers specifically to utilize 100% of that space.

Our two tier drawer system is composed of stackable, slidable and adjustable wooden slabs, so everything in that drawer can fit without cramming it all into a jumbled mess. These can be tailor-made for spices, cutlery, cooking utensils and more.


When beginning a renovation, many forget to take the opportunity to add these modern amenities to their kitchen to create a better overall experience. Check out some of our custom-made cabinet accessories, or get in touch with a cabinet professional to discuss your needs.