How to Remodel Your Old Home's Kitchen!

Everyone loves the idea having a brand new kitchen, but how do you build a modern kitchen when your home's age is a limiting factor? Older homes tend to have outdated structures, designs, and harder-to-remove appliances which can stop most renovation attempts. That's why a lot of homeowners are hesitant to start a kitchen remodel in an older home.

A kitchen remodel is an incredible opportunity to change your home for the better, but can you build a modern kitchen from an outdated frame? With the right help we know you can! There are a couple things you can do to make the kitchen transition from past to present easier. 


Assess your space

modern kitchen with cabinets

Before you can even think about building your dream kitchen, you need to know how much space you have at your disposal. In most older homes the kitchen is tiny and segmented from other rooms in the house. A great kitchen remodel can be done in a smaller kitchen, but if your kitchen is so small it doesn't feel worth a kitchen remodel then it's time to grab a hammer and start knocking down walls.

We know that tearing things down can seem much more intimidating than changing things out, but the results are worth the effort. Don't be afraid of removing non-structural walls and opening unnecessary rooms. Take stock of what is and isn't necessary for your kitchen, and more importantly, your home. Open kitchens have been the trend for years and show no signs of falling out of style. Tearing down the walls between a kitchen and your living room, dining room or family room can create a connective environment with the rest of the house that makes it feel like a totally new home. You'll be surprised at how big your home will feel without a wall or two.


Divide and conquer your kitchen remodel

other kitchen doors If your kitchen can't be expanded then why not divide the duty of a kitchen? Kitchens are incredible because they vary so much and reflect not only the home but the homeowner as well! If you want your kitchen to be shown off to guests then maybe the more practical side of a kitchen should be relocated. Many homes now make use of a butler's pantry, a small area for cooking and food storage, for the brunt of cooking and food prep rather than using the home's main kitchen. In these homes, kitchens can be designed with the appearance and style in mind first, while the butler's pantry would be built to accomplish everything a typical kitchen is designed to do. This is a great option for those who throw a lot of parties, dinners and other social events. 

Instead of putting everything you've ever wanted into one kitchen, try deconstructing one super kitchen project into a multiple-room venture. The kitchen can be more than a place to cook, it is a place for people to gather and enjoy company. By changing the duty of your kitchen, you create a new experience for you, your home and your guests.


Decide on your kitchen's style

kitchen with cabinets

Once you have an idea of the space you'll have to work with, it's time to move on to the style of the kitchen. The style or theme you choose for your kitchen will define everything that goes into it including colors, materials, furniture and lighting!

When picking a kitchen style it is important to start with an idea you love. Whether you want a kitchen that's modern, rustic, country chic, or traditional, it needs to be something that you love.  Once you know what style you're going for, you can start building and start to fill your old kitchen with a new style and a new energy.


Start designing your dream kitchen

You know your space and you know the theme, so what's next? Start filling up that space! Every element in your kitchen, from the lighting fixtures to the cabinet style, needs to be decided in this step. Your kitchen design elements have to be in line with your kitchen's chosen theme. Important things to remember in this step are to design your kitchen to use its space to the fullest, keep your kitchen's style in focus, and adjust to your kitchen accordingly! For example, if you are building a modern kitchen in a smaller space then you can't have a set bulky cabinets. This would take up too much space. Instead, try building slimmer cabinets that maximize efficiency to conserve that precious space in your kitchen while maintaining the modern kitchen style.

If you can't expand your kitchen space and aren't satisfied with its current size, you can use certain design elements to your advantage and create the optical illusion of a larger kitchen! Things like natural-lighting, vertical patterns, and light colors can change how the eye perceives your kitchen. If you don't want to expand your kitchen then maybe try expanding your windows to let more light in, paint your kitchen a lighter color to reflect and add to that natural light, and use vertical pattern to visually expand your kitchen up. You'll be surprised at how much roomier your kitchen will seem with only a few easy design changes! 

An old home does have some limitations when it comes to remodeling, but none that are impossible to overcome with the right strategy and the right help. We are ready to help walk you through every step of the kitchen renovation process, from kitchen design to kitchen construction!

Don't let your old kitchen stay outdated! It's time to give your kitchen and your home a new look. Click here to contact us and get started on transforming your old kitchen into your dream kitchen today.

Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Trends Of 2017!

We've seen a lot of new kitchen trends pop up this year. To celebrate the end of 2017, we've picked out 5 of our favorite trends from 2017 that are sure to keep your kitchen looking stylish in the years to come.

Check out our favorite kitchen trends of 2017, and let us know if your favorites made it on the list!

hardwood cabinet kitchen

Copper Accents:

Kitchen colors have been recently trending towards grey and earthy tones that result in simple yet stunning, neutral colored kitchens. However, the typical stainless steel appliances and accents will clash with these colors making copper accents the favorite alternative.

Copper accents mix well with the popular earth tones of 2017. Copper is also very versatile in how it can be incorporated. You can add copper tones to your kitchen in many ways including cabinet handles, oven hoods, and decorations.

black backsplash on white hardwood kitchen cabinets

Black Appliances:

Black appliances have grown in popularity, especially in smaller kitchens! A stainless steel appliance is a good option for many kitchens but tends to overpower the rest of the kitchen instead of complimenting it. Unlike stainless steel, appliances in shades of black or slate blend well with most kitchens and balance overly bright ones.

When it comes to kitchen style black appliances can give your kitchen a sophisticated and, if designed properly, vintage look. If you've been thinking about designing a vintage style kitchen with modern amenities then black appliances will give you the best of both worlds.

pop of color sing in a white cabinet kitchen

Brighter Colors in the Kitchen:

Do you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen? If yes then you're in luck because colorful additions to the kitchen have made a huge comeback in 2017. An easy place to do this is your sink!

Kitchens have moved away from the common stainless steel or classic white sink to sinks of blues, greens and reds to add some pop and color to their kitchen! You can also turn a splash of color into your kitchen's theme by pairing your sink and backsplash colors together! This creates a colorful kitchen that's sure to stand out in all the right ways.

hidden cabinets with wooden light cabinets

High Quality Storage-Effective Cabinetry:

In the modern kitchen, it's important to have clear counter spaces at all times. Especially when entertaining friends and family. That's why you need cabinets built to store all of your kitchen necessities while still being organized and accessible. Install cabinets that take advantage of their entire storage space and nothing less.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of custom cabinetry options that will keep your kitchen tidy and efficient. Click here to see our full list of cabinet options.

smart fridge

Smart Kitchens:

Smart technology has become an important kitchen staple. A kitchen is so much easier to run and costs significantly less to do so when you have appliances that manage their own heat, electric and water use.

Smart kitchens use anything from smart appliances that can change and manage themselves to apps that work with appliances and help the cooking process go smoother. Depending on how much technology you want in your kitchen, your current kitchen could be upgraded to a smart kitchen with a few small additions.

Which trend is your favorite? You can let us know which trends you liked or show us some that we didn't include on this list by posting on your LaFata Ideaboard. Post on your ideaboard to show us what your favorite kitchen trends and designs of 2017 were.