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New year, new kitchen trends! We love to see what the top styles will be each year. Although it is fun to go with styles that are on trend, it is always important to choose a design that YOU love as they will always change. This year we are seeing many new trends with cabinets, countertops, and hardware. Below LaFata lists the main trends we plan to see more of in 2023.

Marble Slab Backsplashes

One trend we expect to see a lot of in 2023 is slab back splashes instead of tile. From the counters to the back splash, we are seeing trends of marble or stone slabs throughout. This look adds depth and drama to the look of the kitchen, while giving off a very unique look.

Simple Cabinet Doors

The shaker style door is considered a simple door and we have seen a lot of that throughout the last couple of years. Although in 2023 we are going even more simple than that! We are expecting to see a simple door style that appears even more flat and sleek with less dimension.

Colorful, Neutral, & Dark Cabinet Hues

Although white is timeless, 2023 is bringing in more color and warmer hues. Instead of the stark white cabinets, we are seeing a lot of more neutral colors come into play. This includes beige, greige, and natural wood colors. We also expect to see some darker hues come back out such as darker greens and blacks. For more color, we are starting to see what they call "jewel" tones. This consists of jewel tones of emerald greens, ruby reds, and sapphire blues. Doing entire kitchens these colors, or adding these colors for a pop on the island cabinetry.

Large Range Hoods

Instead of typical range hoods that stand out, we are now seeing more sleek subtle hoods in 2023. This includes a basic square or rectangular large style hood that blends in more with the cabinetry. We are seeing less of the statement hoods giving a more blended look.

Mix & Match Metals

Who said you have to stick to just one metal? 2023 is definitely incorporating mixed metals within the kitchen design. From stainless steel, to brass, and bronze, we are seeing a mix of all of them! Incorporating all of these metals within the hardware, appliances, and décor gives a rich and sophisticated look to the room.

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