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Current Bathroom Trends

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Bathroom Trends

A bathroom remodel project can be a fun, detailed project. There are many different decisions to make such as cabinetry, countertops, tiles, flooring, etc. Here at LaFata, we have laid out for you the current bathroom trends to keep you in the loop and give you ideas to create your dream bathroom.


The bathroom vanity tends to the first decision when beginning your bathroom remodel. When choosing a color for your bathroom vanity, the current trend is to stay neutral. That way, the surrounding area is easier to style and design without having to match it exactly to the vanity. The current neutral color trends are white, black, gray, and other natural tones. In terms of the door styles of the bathroom vanity, the current trends tend to be a simpler style, such as a shaker door style which you can view on our website.

Styling the vanity area, we tend to see a lot of vanities that have a double sink, especially if that is located in the master bathroom. With a double sink, the current trend is to have a long mirror across the wall, instead of separate mirrors above each sink. Another modern trend we tend to see is a lighted mirror, with gives a modern yet, elegant look.

Storage is another important factor for a bathroom vanity that you do not want to overlook. A bathroom can become cluttered, hence organization being key. We tend to see many bathroom vanities or bathroom pantries that have a pull out cabinet with a hamper attached. This creates less clutter within the bathroom, and is very convenient. We also tend to see a lot of waste containers as a pull out accessory as well. Vanity drawers with compartment pullouts for toiletries are an awesome addition. One accessory trend is the vanity outlet drawer. This is perfect for your blow dryer and hot tools to keep it conveniently in place for easy access.

Tiles & Countertops

Tiles and countertops are are also a huge part of a bathroom remodel. Beginning with tiles, they are not only used for not only the shower, but for the flooring as well. A current tile trend for a shower tends to be subway tiles. This is a simple, yet beautiful clean look. We also tend to see honeycomb shape tiles that are very popular at the moment, and provides a more hexagonal shape. For the flooring, the current tile trend is larger tiles. They are normally a lighter more neutral color.

The current trend for countertops in bathrooms is more of a lighter color countertop. We tend to see a lot of white countertops. Slight veining in the countertops is also very trendy at the moment. It gives a simple look a little edge.


A very popular trend to incorporate in your next bathroom remodel is a standalone bathtub. The tub gives an elegant “high-end” vibe. We tend to see a lot of free-standing white tubs, in unique shapes. We also tend to see the trend of hanging a chandelier above the tube, making this a focal point of the bathroom.

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