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Functionality & Flow in the Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, not only is the design and style important, but the functionality and flow is as well. You can make your kitchen functional by incorporating the proper accessories into your cabinetry, as well as creating the best layout. Adding these elements allows for a kitchen that is easy to work in, and brings much more convenience and organization to your day to day life.


There are endless pullout drawer and door accessories that you can have flowing throughout your kitchen that give much functionality. For example, drawer accessories that incorporate utensil sections, or pots and pans division, can make grabbing cookware easier.

We also have drawer accessories for spice racks, cans, and snacks. Garbage pull-out drawers, charging stations, and cutlery inserts are also popular items to include. Incorporating these elements into your kitchen may be overlooked when remodeling your kitchen, but you will be happy with the functionality they will bring.

Kitchen Layout

There are many things to keep in mind when deciding the layout of your kitchen. You need to take a step back, and envision yourself really living in the kitchen. The placement of items, as well as the sizing of the area, will make a big difference when navigating throughout the kitchen for both you and your guests. Below we have a few examples of what to consider within your kitchen layout.

Sink Placement

Does it make sense where the sink is located? Many people want the sink to be located near or under the window where there is more light. It is normally a good idea to avoid placing the main sink in the island to reduce clutter and dishes surrounding. The island is commonly where family and guests will congregate. Therefore, it is clever to keep any filth out of sight.

Working Zones

Where you put your appliances in accordance with counterspace, and cabinet drawer pullouts needs to make sense for the tasks you will be doing. A working zones is the idea of grouping cabinets and appliances that will be used for similar purposes. For example, a preparation zone may include a cabinet drawer pullout with cutlery and kitchen utensils, a lot of counter space, and a pull-out garbage nearby. Another example is a cleaning zone which could include the sink and dishwasher located near each other, as well as the pull-out drawers for silverware and dishware. That way you can go from rinsing in the sink, to the dishwasher, to putting them away in the drawers.


You also want to take into consideration the way people will flow throughout the kitchen. You want to have the correct pathways to move about. Making sure your island is not creating obstacles for guests who navigate is one example. You also want to make sure there’s enough room to comfortably walk around the area. Another big island layout design to consider is including the correct amount of seating for guests.

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