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Get Techy in the Kitchen!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Every day there are more and more technology advances it can be hard to keep up! When beginning your kitchen remodel, do not leave out the tech factor. There are plenty of awesome features you can incorporate to make your kitchen area techy and advanced, while adding a ton of convenience and safety.

Charging Stations

A great and easy way implementation is having a charging station in your kitchen.

We are loving a pull-out drawer charging area, where all of the chargers are contained in one area. There is less clutter on the counters with this station, giving your kitchen a cleaner look. It brings pure convenience when hanging out in the kitchen, without having the chargers and electronics constantly in sight.


Another cool addition you may want to invest in is an Amazon Alexa or another multi-function device. These hand free devices really bring convenience into your life. Looking for a recipe online, wanting to listen to music or a podcast while preparing dinner? Alexa can truly do it all.

Touch-Less Faucets

Ever cooking dinner and have your hands dirty with ingredients? What a pain to have to turn the sink on and dirty that as well. Especially if it is a raw item that can cause contamination. Touch-activated faucets are a cleaner, more appropriate addition to any kitchen. Wave your hand in front of the faucet, and allow it to turn on for you. Easy and more sanitary for kids, adults, etc.

Kitchen Appliances

High-tech kitchen appliances may not be top of mind when beginning your kitchen remodel, but they sure are awesome. A simple touch-screen feature can even go a long way. Pair your fridge or oven with your smart phone, and be able to control temperatures and cooking times that way. It is definitely an option that provides safety while cooking, with of course the convenience as well.

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