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2022 Backplash Trends!

There are various ways to create a kitchen backsplash. Many different materials, styles, and designs can be used to create the look you are going for. It is one of the most unique areas of the home, and an area where you can really get creative. Of course, we always want to keep up with the current trends! Not sure where to begin? Allow LaFata to demonstrate the latest backsplash trends we have seen the most of in 2022.

Slab Backsplashes

The most popular trend we have seen this year is a slab backsplash, also described as an extension of your countertop, that works its way up into the backsplash area. Your countertop and backsplash are of the exact same material. This type of backsplash gives the kitchen a beautiful and sleek look.

Choosing a slab backsplash allows for less worry about mixing and matching colors and textures. It is also a choice all in one, as you use the same for both the countertop and backsplash . Are you the person who loves everything looking uniform? Then this is the way to go. This is a very modern vibe, that is also truly timeless. With a slab backsplash, your kitchen may even appear larger, as it is all one continuous material. It is truly a great choice that you cannot go wrong with.

Ceiling Height Backsplashes

There are many advantages to having your backsplash reach ceiling height, another huge trend we have seen in 2022. The space will look more dramatic, and significantly larger.

The ceiling height draws the eye up, capturing the entire height of the ceiling. You can really take any tile or slab up to the ceiling, although we do see more basic styles and design. Choosing something too busy can create too much confusion in the area. You would consider larger tiles or ceramic, as well as slabs when following this beautiful trend.

Ceramic Pattern Tiles

Although simplicity is currently trending, there are still many people who want their backsplash to be more of a statement piece. For those who prefer more detail in their backsplash, ceramic tiles that create a pattern is the style that we are seeing in 2022. Ceramic tiles are the most unique material, and they are created in many different shapes and sizes. You normally begin by choosing a specific ceramic tile, and then create a unique pattern throughout the backsplash. The options are truly endless. If you go this route, we normally see more simplicity in the rest of the space. The rest of the area is kept neutral, so the ceramic pattern is the focal point without it being too busy.

Glazed Backsplash

The last popular trend we are seeing in 2022 is a glazed tile backsplash. Glazed tiles come in a variety of different colors and styles. We normally see glazed tiles made of either porcelain or ceramic. They can be machine made or handmade, in simple subway pattern styles, or unique shapes. They can be in their own area, or they can be used in a ceiling height backsplash look as well. Glazed tiles can make a nice contrast to other elements in the kitchen. It is a great decision as it is very versatile, with a bonus of being easy to clean.

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