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2023 Bathroom Trends

Year to year, bathroom designs are always evolving. The bathroom is a room in the home that you are able to get very creative. Whether it is the powder room, master bathroom, or any bathroom of the home, you can make the style yours. In 2023, we are seeing many trends stay the same as last year, with the addition of a few new styles.

Walk-in Shower

2023 seems to be the year of the walk-in shower. Now, walk in showers have been popular for years and years, although in 2023 we are seeing a bit of a change - that is with size. The trend seems to be the bigger the better. We are seeing the walk-in showers getting expanded and becoming very large. It is becoming preferred to have two person showers, while also incorporating a seat. The larger showers are often now replacing the trend of the standalone tub that we have seen quite a bit of in the last years.

Natural Wood Vanities

The trend for bathroom vanities is not changing drastically this year, as they seem to be sticking with natural and earthly tones. This seems to consist of a lot of natural wood species, as well as darker stained tones, as well as light neutrals. We are straying away a bit from the all white bathroom vanities, and making the bathroom have a more "peaceful" vibe.

Back Lite Mirrors

A lighting trend we are seeing in 2023 is back lite mirrors. Free standing mirrors are becoming bigger with lighting around them. This makes the bathroom feel elegant and relaxing as well. We are seeing less of the typical bright lights throughout, and more of dimmer and smaller fixtures to give just enough light, with keeping the peaceful vibe.

Bold Powder Rooms

Powder rooms specifically are one of the bathrooms in the home that are becoming more "bold." We are seeing a lot of more creativity within the powder room, as this is a bathroom that guests are more likely to use, so having a creative and unique design for others to see is becoming popular. One way we are seeing this creativity slip in is with tiles. Larger quantities of tiles are being used as an accent wall, as well as bolder colors throughout. We are also seeing changes with the typical bathroom vanity. Shelving is being used in the bathroom as well as more bold colors for the vanity. There also is a trend of having "no vanity" and if you go that route, that consists of using marble or granite floating around your sink without a vanity at all.


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