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2024 Kitchen Trends

From 2023 to 2024, the kitchens trends are not projected to change too drastically. Although, there are always some trends we except to see more of in 2024. This seems to be the year where we are seeing more futuristic features with technology advances always on the rise. LaFata will walk you through these 2024 trends we are anticipating.

Smart Kitchen Features

Year after year, there are more and more technology advances. Now, even in kitchens, we are beginning to see technology appear. The easiest way we see technology in the kitchen is with appliances. There are so many companies creating "smart appliances" with very creative technological features. Many appliances now connect to the internet, and are controlled by smart phones. This includes appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. It makes cooking and cleaning easier, with being able to control everything from your phone, even if you are not home. We plan to see more and more people putting these "smart" appliances in their kitchens as they remodel in 2024.

Streamlined & Minimalistic

Now speaking of cabinetry, we are planning on seeing similar trends from 2023. People began loving the simple door styles, as well as more neutral tones. In 2024, we are anticipating the same type of styles and colors. The more streamlined kitchen look is continuing on the rise. In order to achieve this look, we have less and less details on the door styles, which is more of a flat look. We also have less colors with drama, and more colors that are neutral and soft. This gives a very minimal, clean vibe to the kitchen aesthetic.

Natural & Organic Elements

We are anticipating 2024 to be the year of natural & organic. We are seeing a ton of more natural woods mixed throughout the kitchen. More natural wood colors are being chosen for cabinetry such as the white oak, and a variety of maple woods with light finishes. We are seeing a lot of plants and greenery being incorporated as décor as well. We even are seeing more natural choices when it comes to kitchen furniture. Choosing bar stools with more natural woods giving an organic look, as well as wood dining tables.


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