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3 Beverage Center Ideas with LaFata Cabinets

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

A beverage center is a versatile, convenient area designed specifically to your liking. It features cabinetry, storage, and display for beverages and their accessories. For your next kitchen remodel, a beverage center is something to definitely keep into consideration. At LaFata Cabinets, we are able to make any type of beverage center become a focal point of your home. Whether you want a beverage center for more of a coffee bar, a wine bar, or a more elaborate full bar, the options are endless.

Wine Beverage Center

One of the most classy and elegant beverage centers to incorporate in your home is a

wine beverage center. A wine beverage center really adds style and elegance, especially if you are one to entertain. This type of beverage center normally features cabinetry that has plenty of detail. There is normally cabinetry with cut for glass, where you can display wine glasses and cocktail glasses for all to see. It also may feature a wine rack, where the wine can be displayed and stored. The cabinets normally feature plenty of storage options, to organize all of the accessories. Another great addition to any wine beverage center is a wine cooler. Set the wine cooler to any temperature, and the wine will always be ready for drinking. The wine cooler within the bar can be a conversation piece for entertaining if displayed, or you can have it hidden within the cabinetry if you prefer a more sleek display. The options are truly limitless when designing this awesome area.

Coffee Beverage Center

Who doesn't love coffee? A coffee beverage center is the perfect addition for any coffee lover. This type of beverage center can be used not only for entertaining, but also brings a lot of convenience in any coffee drinkers day to day life. A coffee beverage center normally features cabinetry that has many compartments for organization. Keep your coffee cups, espresso cups, tea cups all in one place. We have plenty of inserts that would be perfect for keeping sugar, and any other additions as well. Keep your coffee pot or espresso machine right on the counter for display or have it stored in your cabinetry. Another great feature to add is a mini fridge. This is perfect for the coffee addict who loves to add creamer, fancy flavorings, or even ice to their coffee drink. When entertaining a crowd, the coffee beverage center gives plenty of ease as well as entertainment. Forget having to wait in lines at your local coffee shop, and enjoy your very own coffee bar with the most convenience.

Full Bar Beverage Center

The largest and most entertaining type of beverage center is a full bar. If you want something more elaborate or even as an addition to any basement, the full bar is your best option. A full bar normally features plenty of cabinetry, with plenty of storage. It normally features the cut for glass to display glasses and wine racks are often incorporated as well. A sink is normally added within the cabinetry as well for easy bartending and clean up. Bar stool seating is a great feature to add as well. It is perfect for guests to navigate to when having a party or for small entertainment. This full bar also normally features either a full size fridge, or a wine cooler to keep all of the beverages at the perfect temperature as well. There is so much versatility with design when it comes to a full bar, you can make it as simple or as detailed as your needs make it.

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