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3 Kitchen Styles Explained!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Every year there are different kitchen styles & trends, sometimes it is hard to keep up! Despite there being new trends each year, there are three main basic style categories, where all yearly trends then fall under. The three main categories consist of contemporary, transitional, and traditional.


The contemporary style has some very distinct features. This style is known as more of a modern and “sleek” style. We see a lot of clean lines when it comes to contemporary. It is a very minimalistic style. This consists of a monochromatic look, plenty of lighting, and simplicity. In kitchens, the appliances tend to be a smooth stainless steel. We also see a lot of darker cabinetry or bright white cabinetry, both with fresh white countertops.


The transitional style is a great middle ground when it comes to kitchens. This style takes elements or features from the past and combines it with contemporary features. It is more of a “European” style look, featuring level cabinet heights. This style has clean, practical lines, and is very streamlined. They often have crafted elements such as crown molding. The cabinets feature a simple door style, and are often stained or painted. A transitional style allows you to express your own style as it has broader features being a combination of old and new.


The traditional style is a timeless style that has been around for years. This style features many details and embellishments. The area comes off as very warm and welcoming, whether you are in the kitchen, or in any room of the home. It is known as a more “classic” look, with a mix of both English and French styles. You see plenty of carvings or ornate details, along with heavy moldings and raised panels. You often see staggered cabinet heights, and a mix of dark and neutral warm tones.

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