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3 Ways to Make your Kitchen Holiday Party Ready

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

You might not believe it, but the holidays are fast approaching. You may be looking at your kitchen and wondering what you could change to make it more practical for your upcoming parties. Hosting a party is a job on its own, but having a functional kitchen layout can make it easier. LaFata Cabinets has plenty of kitchen ideas to get you party ready!

Island Seating

When hosting a party, the kitchen island in the center of the kitchen always seems to be the gathering area. Guests gather around for food, drinks, and mingling. One great addition to any kitchen is to add some sort of island seating. Adding bar stools to an island allows your guests to feel more comfortable sitting down, as well as adding more space for the guests surrounding. Also, if you have a large party that requires more seating, the island can also act as another table where guests can eat at if your dining area is full.

Beverage Center Who doesn’t love a great drink at holiday parties to loosen up a bit? At LaFata Cabinets, many of our clients allow us to create a beautiful beverage center in their kitchen. The beverage center is perfect for party hosting. It is a great eye-catching area for guests to socialize at. A beverage center consists of cabinetry, where you can store the glasses, liquor, and bar accessories. A sink is normally put in the beverage center as well for easy bartending and clean up. Guests can come up to the beverage center to grab a drink and socialize. Kitchen Storage You don’t want your kitchen looking messy and cluttered for your holiday party! Your countertops are the perfect space to showcase the holiday spirit. Put away any appliances or utensils you may use on a day to day basis, to make more room for the holiday party décor and hosting. LaFata Cabinets has a variety of kitchen storage options to make more countertop space. From pull out cabinet storage, to drawer organizers, the options are endless. The cabinet storage allows for more room and less clutter when hosting a party.

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