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A Minimalist Kitchen Design

Are you into the minimalist, modern kitchen styles? This kitchen we created is definitely just that! There are so many features and details incorporated into this kitchen that give it the perfect modern, minimalist look. LaFata will walk you through the elements we recommend implementing when going for this style for your kitchen!

Flat Door Styles

One major choice in this kitchen that helps create the minimal look is the door style we chose here. Here, we chose a flat door style, which is LaFata's "Midwest" door style. There is not much detail to this door such as beveling or framing, as it is purely flat. This gives off a very sleek, minimal look.

Color Scheme

The color scheme also plays a large role in developing this modern, minimalist kitchen. It is best to always stick to neutrals, and to keep the color palette at a minimum. Here, the black cabinetry really gives of a modern vibe. We love how the white counters contrast the black, as well as the flooring being a very neutral, white oak color.


When it comes to appliances, when going for the modern look, you can't go wrong with the sleekness you get from stainless steel. Here, we went with the larger fridge to give a focal point to this kitchen, as well as stainless for the microwave & dishwasher too. We even incorporated stainless steel in the custom wood hood by LaFata. The sleek square hood with a touch of stainless steel at the base really pulls the look together.

Countertops & Backsplash

You can't go more minimal than this. The quartz used in this kitchen is purely white, with very slight slight veining. This minimal choice pairs perfectly with the cabinetry. We also used the same quartz as the slab backsplash you see throughout the kitchen as well. This gives a very uniform, minimal look as there is no contrasting between the countertops & the backsplash.


We love the few type of lighting we see throughout this kitchen. We have the standard puck lights throughout, but then we have the 3 pendant lights right above the island. The small crystals bring a chic feel to the minimal, making a beautiful combination. We then always love to incorporate the under cabinet lighting. Just by turning these lights on, the modern vibe is enhanced in this kitchen.

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