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Kitchen Island Trends

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

When designing your kitchen, the island is one of the main focal points. There are so many styles of kitchen islands to choose from. Here at Lafata Cabinets we've narrowed down some of our favorite trends for islands in kitchens!

Pop of Color

If you want to add a pop of color to your kitchen, your kitchen island is the perfect option to do so. Going more neutral with the cabinet color for a majority of the kitchen is the safest route. Adding the splash of color to just the island will allow for a more everlasting style without the major commitment.

A pop of color for the island also adds a beautiful contrast to the look of the kitchen. The contrast adds style, as well as gives more detail to the eye. Having all white cabinets for example, including the island, the beauty of the kitchen may be overlooked as it is monotone. LaFata offers endless custom cabinet colors and styles to choose from to make this pop of color perfect for your home.

Detailed Design

Another way to bring design and style to your kitchen is by adding an island that has a unique detail. The island is then able to become the focal point of your kitchen.

One option is to include decorative wood pieces. You can choose from a variety of decorative legs that can really change the look of the kitchen. If you choose a more modern leg, your kitchen automatically gives that modern vibe. If you choose a more traditional leg, your kitchen will appear traditional. The decorative options are very eye-catching and portray the kitchen style greatly.

A second option is to include a design in the island itself, such as the X wooden design in the photo below. You can see what style the X brings to the overall kitchen. If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen feel more modern, the X addition is a great option. Having such a bold design also allows for decorations to be be of less importance as well, since the island brings the kitchen together all on its own.

The Double Island

This kitchen design is very unique, yet practical and elegant. This is where you have two separate islands combined as one. A higher upper island, and a lower island attached.

The upper island is what you would call your more typical island space. This is where the sitting area is located, and most decorations would sit. The second island on the lower level is what brings the elegance and more space to the area. You can get very creative with this second island. You can design it where it provides more storage space for the area. You could even add a sink which is a very unique, and convenient option.

This two level island style is modern, yet timeless.


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