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Pet Friendly Features for your Next Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

A dog is a man’s best friend, and a cat is a great companion. When beginning your kitchen remodel, it only makes sense to factor your pet into the equation! There are some awesome ideas to incorporate into your kitchen to give less clutter, and can really simplify your kitchen.


Food & water dishes are essential for any pet. Having them set out in the kitchen can appear quite messy. When beginning your kitchen remodel, you can be sure to add a pull-out drawer to store the food & water bowl. You even can incorporate a pullout drawer to store their food and treats.


If you are trying to keep your kitchen looking clean and new, there are different options to choose when you have pets around. We recommend a light flooring if your pet sheds that will show less fur. We also recommend more of a vinyl flooring that is less prone to scratches and water issues compared to hard wood flooring.


Of course we want to make sure our pets are comfy! A great addition to a kitchen is a runner or rug that they can curl up and relax on as they watch you cook. This can help you keep them in sight, and also helps protect your floors as well. There are plenty of rugs that are pet friendly, and can easily be cleaned or machine washed.


Be sure to keep your pet safe with the convenient pull out trash bin. This is an easy way to make sure your pet isn’t knocking over the standalone trash bin, and getting into things they shouldn’t. It also does make the kitchen appear cleaner, and is definitely the safer route to take.

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