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Two-Tone Kitchens | Why Choose This Trend

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Two - Tone Kitchens

When beginning your kitchen remodel, one very popular kitchen trend you may want to consider is the “two-tone kitchen.” A two-tone kitchen features perimeter cabinets that are all the same color, with the island being a different color. It also can feature lower cabinets being one color, and upper cabinets being another. Many times we see the islands or lowers with a contrasting color. If the perimeter is light, the island or lowers are normally dark, and vice versa. Below LaFata has come up with reasons why the two-tone kitchen trend is a great trend to follow for your next kitchen remodel.

A Smaller Kitchen Space

Working with a smaller space, or just want your kitchen to appear larger? That is one reason why a two-tone kitchen may be a trend you want to follow. Two-tone cabinets create the illusion of space in a smaller kitchen. Having the kitchen island or lowers be a different color than the perimeter, naturally draws the eyes attention to the darker or brighter color. We recommend choosing perimeter cabinets being similar to the wall color. If you then also choose a brighter color for the island or for the lower cabinets, this will allow your kitchen to appear more spacious than it actually is.

Aesthetic Appeal

One reason to choose to go with the two-tone kitchen style is for the amazing aesthetic they provide. A two-tone kitchen can make any kitchen appear more elegant and expensive. You can add a cool pop of color to the island or lower cabinets. This really adds style to the kitchen without the color being too overwhelming. Two-tone kitchens definitely bring your kitchen to the next level, no matter how simple your kitchen may appear.


If you’re planning to put your home on the market in the future, choosing two-tone cabinets is a way to catch the eye of buyers and potentially increase the value of your home. Two-toned cabinets are very on trend, the appearance of your kitchen will impress the buyers, and gives an advantage over home sellers with a traditional design

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