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White Cabinets - Fit Any Style Kitchen

White cabinets are very versatile when styling a kitchen. Whatever style you prefer, white cabinets can be beautifully incorporated. You can have white cabinets while going for a more traditional style, modern style, or even farmhouse. The options are truly endless. LaFata shows you a couple different examples of how white cabinets can be styled depending on your preferences.

A White Modern Kitchen

This kitchen has a very modern & contemporary style. All of the perimeter cabinets are white.

They made this white kitchen appear more modern with the many black touches. Black and white are two very modern colors, so having the contrast between the two creates a modern look. They added a black island to contrast with the white cabinets. There are also black touches with the pot filler, kitchen faucet, and all the hardware. We then have beautiful white tile flooring and countertops as well. The crystal modern pendant lights then pulls the whole modern kitchen style together.

A White Traditional Kitchen

This kitchen has a traditional, classic style. Again, all of the perimeter cabinets are white. In order to make it more traditional, many neutral colors and traditional elements were added.

They chose a more traditional color island to contrast with, a more cherry brown color. They also chose wood-flooring that is very similar in color. The cabinetry is a lot more detailed, adding many decorative pieces as well. Such as the legs on the island, and the area over the refrigerator and oven. We then have a very traditional backsplash using smaller tiles with very neutral colors. The light fixtures tend to be very traditional as well with a classic chandelier above the island.

A White Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen has a farmhouse, or "modern" farmhouse look. We begin again with all white

perimeter cabinets. The island has a very unique touch in this kitchen. This dark brown color island is the focal point of this "farmhouse" kitchen. It gives a farmhouse look, with the very specific X detailing on the front. There is also the wide vinyl plank flooring that brings a natural look as well. A floral backsplash was incorporated as well to tie in the look together along with the gold hardware.

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