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Why Spring & Summer are the Best Seasons for a Kitchen Remodel

The Weather

Remodeling your kitchen in the spring gives an advantage due to the warmer, milder weather. It is not too hot or too cold for work. In the spring you do not have to worry about harsh weather that can cause delays, and everything can get done a lot quicker. The days also being longer during these months, gives more working time, leading to the project getting done faster!

Summer is Approaching

Everyone looks forward to summer. From barbecues to parties, there is definitely more time to get together with family and friends. Beginning your kitchen remodel in the early spring should allow for it to be ready within the summer. Enjoy a brand new kitchen that you and guests can gather in. With summer approaching, that also means kids will be home. Easier to get the work done before the break.

Increase Equity

If you are remodeling your kitchen because you plan on selling your house during the prime selling season, spring is the perfect time to do so. Summer is a very popular month for buying and selling homes. A kitchen remodel can increase a home’s value, and beginning in the spring time will have it done in perfect time.

New Design Trends Are Out

Besides the weather, spring time is when the new designs trends begin to surface. You can make sure to incorporate all of the latest trends. Some of our favorite trends right now are white cabinets, white counters with slight veining, and a contrasted island!

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