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3 Ways to Hide your Kitchen Appliances

Everyone needs a fridge, stove, & microwave. Although, it is not always necessary to have them displayed in your kitchen. Small appliances such as a toaster, blender, & coffee maker are always staples each kitchen has as well. With so many appliances, a kitchen can look cluttered. There are various ways you can hide your kitchen appliances to make your kitchen look clean and sleek.

Cabinet Covered Large Appliances

It is possible to cover your large fridge, microwave, or oven. An easy way to do so is by putting a cabinet panel over the appliance. Here at LaFata, we are able to create a panel to cover any of your large appliances to have them beautifully blend in with your cabinetry. You

won't even be able to tell your appliances are there! We love this option as it gives the kitchen a uniform, beautiful look.

Small Appliance Cabinet Cubbies

Want to take the clutter away from all of your small appliances, but still want easy access? A small appliance cabinet cubby is definitely your answer. Gain more countertop space, and have less clutter by incorporating one of these in your next kitchen remodel. You can easily

fit appliances such as a blender, toaster, microwave oven, etc. Here at LaFata, we have plenty of cabinets that can pull-out and open to perfectly fit your small appliances.

Cabinet Organization Options

Another way to hide your small appliances is by incorporating one of the many cabinet accessories we offer here at LaFata. We have plenty of cabinet pull-out accessories that perfectly fit your small appliances. From fancy kitchen mixer pull-out stands, to pull-out lazy susans, the options are endless. This is another great way to hide the kitchen appliances.


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