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A kitchen remodel seems like a large project to take on, but in the end it is definitely worth it. We wanted to share with you some awesome kitchen remodel projects that LaFata Cabinets has completed for our very happy customers. LaFata does FULL kitchen remodels. From tear out, layout changes, cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing, & electrical, we can do it all. Get ideas for your kitchen remodel, and see how we can transform kitchens to meet your dream style & needs.

We love this kitchen remodel. So many changes that make you feel as if you moved into a new home. Starting with more traditional cabinetry, this homeowner went with a lighter, more modern neutral vibe for their kitchen. The granite countertops, and subway tile backsplash flow perfectly with the new cabinetry. We also changed the layout of the kitchen, eliminating the island, giving them more room to navigate around. The flooring was changed from small square tiles, to gorgeous wood-flooring perfect for warming up the room.

This kitchen remodel was very drastic, yet breathtaking. The homeowners began by changing the layout of their kitchen. We changed it to a more open concept, giving more space to the area. We also added a beautiful large island to their kitchen. Their cabinetry went from a more traditional look as well, to a white and navy color combination. We love that pop of color that was added to the island as well as the unique shaped hood. The beautiful timeless flooring was a great change, as well as a neutral pattered backsplash.

Now this kitchen remodel really gives the WOW factor. The color palette changed drastically in this home as well as the layout. We love the new configuration of the layout. The kitchen was expanded, making the window appear down further. They also incorporated a large, modern island in the center. The white cabinetry really brightens up the room, as well as the slightly veined countertops to go with them. A beautiful, modern look.

A picture perfect kitchen remodel. Look at the change in lighting this remodel brought to the home! The layout in this kitchen did not change as drastically, yet this remodel is just as shocking. The cabinets went from a darker gray and blue, to a two-toned white and brown look. What a stunning color combination. We love the touch of gold with the hardware and light fixtures. The tile flooring really tied the look together, giving this kitchen a very chic look.

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