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Create your Christmas Kitchen in a Week!

The kitchen is the most popular room in house for everyone to celebrate. Having company over this holiday season & need to make your kitchen fit for the occasion? LaFata gives you some pointers on how to make your kitchen Christmas ready in just a week!

Winter Home Decluttering

Before adding new additions to the kitchen, the first step has to be to declutter. Go through your kitchen and get a nice deep cleaning in. This can entail cleaning out your cabinetry, getting rid of old décor you no longer enjoy, and making more counter space for the new. We recommend going by the slogan "If you don't use it, trash it."


Make sure you have enough kitchen furniture to be able to host your Christmas events. This may include making sure your dining table has enough seats, bar stools at your island, as well as having extra chairs available for guests. There are always a ton of sales around Christmas time, so now may be the perfect time to get that kitchen furniture you have been eyeing. It is always fun to have something new to display as you host.

Christmas Style & Décor

Now is the fun part, choosing the perfect color scheme & style for the holiday season. For some, the color scheme may be classic bright green and red. For others, it may be a winter white wonderland, or more neutral or muted Christmas tones with a pop of color here or there. Either way, having some sort of color scheme picked out will make decorating easier. Not sure which route to go? We love scrolling Pinterest to see the latest & greatest ideas. There is plenty of décor you can purchase at just about any store this time of year. Not looking to spend a lot? We love adding easy additions such as decorative themed towels, ribbons on chairs, ornaments, candles, arrangements, etc. These are all super easy to throw in, without it getting super costly.


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