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Custom Kitchen Features

When beginning a kitchen remodel, there are many decisions to be made. Whether it is the cabinets, countertops, or flooring, you want to make sure you are choosing the right selections. One aspect of the project you don't want to miss, is remembering to include features that will make your kitchen uniquely yours. There are plenty of custom kitchen features you can include that can help make your kitchen special and one of a kind. LaFata touches on the many ways you can do so.

Cabinet Design

One way to make your kitchen custom is by choosing a different layout that strays away from the standard. For example, you can add dimension to your island by making it different levels. You can also bring uniqueness in the design by incorporating different features in the cabinet doors themselves. One easy way to do this is by adding in glass doors. You can show off different décor or dinnerware to really make it yours. Not all cabinets need to have the glass, in fact doing some uppers with glass, and some lowers wood, gives it great contrast. You also can make it unique by doing the same thing, but instead of glass, choose a different cabinet color to contrast with another.


The storage options are not only a unique option to incorporate in your kitchen, but they are also very convenient. There are endless types of storage options that can really make your kitchen stand out in a different way. Open up your drawers with endless organizers. Starting with a simple garbage can pull-out, to a charging station, to a silverware tray. There are so many options that will really bring your kitchen apart from others.

Open Shelving

Another way to add a twist to your kitchen is by adding in open shelving in your kitchen. No need to have cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, you can easily add shelving above your kitchen counters. You can add dishware, décor, & glassware on the shelves. That way it will allow you to bring more unique style to your kitchen by bringing in your own elements.

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Krifour Industries
Krifour Industries
Aug 16, 2023

Thanks for the blog loaded with so much information. It's really informative.


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