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Preparing your Kitchen for Thanksgiving

As much as we'd love to, it may not be possible to remodel your kitchen a week or so before thanksgiving. Although, here at LaFata, we are giving you ideas and tips of how to prep and organize your kitchen to host your guests in an easy manner.

Counter Space

The one thing that no one ever has enough of is space. With so many dishes at hand on thanksgiving, it is important to make sure you are not occupying space with unnecessary items. Clearing off your counters and removing clutter is one easy way to make more space. Do you store your small appliances on your countertops? Now may be the time to put those away and gain a lot more counter space.

Guest Area

Thanksgiving is a very hectic holiday, especially in the kitchen. While trying to finish last minute dishes, the last thing you need is all of your guests hovered in your kitchen space. Guests tend to always try to go where the food is. That is why we recommend setting up an appetizer space a little ways away from the kitchen. If you have a dining room, or even a living room table where you can set up finger foods, that may be the place to put them. Give yourself the space you need to get everything under control.


Organization is always key. Here at LaFata, we have a ton of organization units that can be incorporated into your cabinetry. Whether it is organizing your silverware, pots & pans, or food items, it is important to have easy access to everything when trying to cook a ton of dishes.


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